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14 January 2020 @ 01:12 am
Where to Find All My Fics  
My complete fanfiction list can be found under the cut. It is ordered Newest fics to oldest. All fanfics are wrestling fics and are NC-17 rated.

Title Pairing Series Summary Chapters Status
Whipped  Bourton N/A Randy and Evan enjoy a trip to a cabin for one of their anniversaries.  Complete 1
Afterglow  Bourton N/A Randy and Evan enjoy the afterglow of sex and have a small chat. Complete 1
Viper Unwrapped   Bourton N/A Its Christmas eve for the guys and Randy offers Evan something he's wanted for a while. Complete 1
Daddy Please Bourton N/A Evan asks Randy to indulge him in a roleplay fantasy and the Viper agrees but will he like it? Written with Candy_Belle Complete 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8
Storm Delayed Centon N/A Randy and John get storm stayed in a town and might not make it home for Christmas Complete 1
Books, Blood, Love? Bourton N/A Evan goes to the library late one night finds more than just a fantasy book.  Complete 1 
Something About Flannel  Bourton N/A Randy really likes Evan's choice of sleepwear. Complete 1 
Heart of the Warrior Multiple N/A This is a fic set way back in ancient Greece. The fic is set in an unnamed city state that works along the lines of Athens. The story follows one of the elite generals of that City - Ortanos - and his interactions with his household, his fellow generals, prisoners and the politicians. Written with Candy_Belle In-Complete 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10
Possession Randy O x Triple H Dark Masters - Past This is the continuation to our previous Randy/Hunter fics Break you down and Popping the Cork. Hunter suspects Randy of flirting with another man and is scared of losing him so he does the only thing he can can think of to keep the younger man at his side forever. Written with Candy_Belle Complete 1-2-3-4-5
Just Friends with Benefits?  Bourton N/A Randy and John play in an annual golf tournament but its after the tournament when a unexpected drunken fuck makes Randy gain a new friend.  Complete 1
Picking up the Pieces Randy/Evan/Cody w John Cena Dark Masters - Future After Randy's melt down, Evan and Cody turn to the one man they know can get through to Randy and ask for his help in saving the shattered Viper. This is a follow on to The Trials of Love but you do not need to have read that to follow this fic.  Written with Candy_Belle Complete 1-2-3-4-5-6-7
Just A Note  Randy O x Triple H N/A Its Hunter's birthday and he's home by himself and receives a special call.  Complete 1
What Do I See? Candy N/A Cody is acting odd and Randy doesn't like it, could his worse nightmare be true?  Complete 1
Lick The Gun, Cause Its Done   Randy Orton N/A  Randy gets upset after things go sour at home and takes off for some stress relief.  Complete 1  
Brotherly Love Randy/Evan/Cody N/A The brothers go on one last camping trip and what started out as a normal camping trip will end up changing their lives and relationships forever. Written with Candy_Belle Complete 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10
Waiting on Fireworks  Bourton N/A Randy takes Evan to the park to watch a fireworks display.  Complete 1
The Impossible Offer   Randy Orton x John Cena x Cody Rhodes x Evan Bourne 
N/A  What happens when John's lonely heart decides to accept the offer Randy left him that faithful night? Sequel to Just like old times. Written with Candy_Belle Complete 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8
Popping the Cork Randy O x Triple H Dark Masters - Past This is the sequel to Break You Down. Randy goes out with his new master to a club to have a little fun but gets far more than he ever bargained for. Written with Candy_Belle Complete 1-2-3-4-5-6
The Trials of Love Randy/Evan/Cody Dark Masters - Future Randy had a room finished in the basement of the house and what starts as a roleplay turns very dark revealing a hidden past. Sequel to A Wet Dream Come True, but that does not need to be read prior to this. Also hints at things from Break You Down. Written with Candy_Belle  Complete 1-2-3-4-5-6
Do I Need A Reason? Candy N/A Cody as a bit of an annoying night backstage at Smackdown and wants nothing more than to sleep until he flies to be home only he is awoke by a certain someone.  Complete 1
Is the Honeymoon Over?   Candy N/A Randy plans something for midnight on Cody's last night on Raw and Cody takes it all wrong Complete 1
Spear You Again Randy O x Edge N/A Takes place on the night of the draft when Edge speared Randy. This is what took place after that incident.  Complete 1
Never Forget How You Evolved   Bourton w Triple H N/A Randy and Evan get blast from Randy's past. Complete 1  
Just Like Old Times  Centon N/A What started out as a bit of familiar flirting becomes something far more serious. Written with Candy_Belle Complete 1-2-3
Viper's Offer  Randy Orton x Justin Gabriel, Candy  N/A Randy makes the young NXT Rookie and offer he can't refuse. Complete 1 
Loneliness Desires Company   Bourton N/A  Randy is left alone after the end of Legacy but he's felt alone longer than that. Complete 1 
Moral Support Randy/Cody/Evan N/A Cody is alone on his first night on smackdown and gets a bit of a surprise Complete 1
Break You Down Randy O x Triple H Dark Masters - Past  Hunter teaches Randy the darker side of wreslting. Written with Candy_Belle Complete 1-2-3
It's Not What You Think   Bourton N/A Randy and Evan have a fight over a wrong place, wrong time situation Complete 1
A Wet Dream Come True


Dark Masters - Future Randy's comes home to an unexpected but pleasureful surprise. Written with Candy_Belle Complete 1-2
I'll Keep Your Memory Vague Candy All of Me Randy comes up with a way to help his family forget the past Complete 1
Curiosity's Timebomb Multiple (Centon, Bourton, Candy + more) N/A Randy is curious about what it would be like to be with a man and Evan is all to willing to show him. In-Complete 1-2-3
Soft Moments Candy N/A Just a soft sappy fluffy night the hotel room for Randy and Cody  Complete 1
Pick Me Up Bourton N/A Just a quick fic about Randy cheering up Evan after Raw.  Complete 1
Teachers Like to Play Candy N/A The continuation sexual education of Cody Rhodes(16) has taught by Randy Orton(21). Sequel to Let Me Teach You. Complete 1
3DP  Randy/Evan/Cody   No plot just lots of sex - Written with Candy_Belle via twitter. Complete 1
Bulletproof  Candy All of Me Takes place immediately after Sandcastles, Storms and Stingrays, highly recommend you read that first Complete 1
Sandcastles, Storms and Stingrays   Candy All of Me Randy takes everyone to Florida and gets a lot more than he bargained for. Complete 1  
Demon of Destiny Multiple (Centon, Bourton, Candy + more) N/A Randy's not quite human. There are a lot of about his past that he doesn't remember that he's about to get a crash course in. In-Complete 1-2-3
Be Yourself  Candy All of Me Randy takes Samantha to the doctor. Complete 1 
Private Rodeo Randy/Cody/Evan + 1 N/A Smut foursome/threesome very porn filled. Complete 1
Appetizers and Main Course   Candy w CM Punk N/A Smut Threesome very porn filled. Complete 1  
Beloved Valentine   Candy All of Me Boys get each other Valentine's day gifts  Complete 1
Take It Out On Me  Candy N/A Cody wants Randy's frustrations.  Complete 1
End and Beginning 


All of Me When two relationships end, one begins.  Complete 1 
Shut up and Drive   Candy N/A Randy gets bored while stuck in traffic Complete 1
Kink for a Kink  Candy N/A Randy indulges Cody with a kink request. Complete 1 
Let Me Teach You   Candy N/A The sexual education of Cody Rhodes(16) has taught by Randy Orton(21) Complete 1
Experience Pearls   Candy N/A Challenge Fic Complete 1
Craving  Candy N/A  Everyone gets cravings, and Randy is going to use Cody's body to satisfy his.  Complete 1
Mornings After   Candy N/A Randy has taken Cody's, but now he wants to give away his. Complete 1  
Have Your Cake And... Candy All of Me  It's Randy's birthday he can't have what he wants, or can he? Complete 1
Promise Candy N/A In 2002 Cody and Randy spend a night together before Randy starts life on the road. Cody is 16 and Randy is 21.  Complete 1
Game On   Candy N/A Cody wants to win an online tournament and Randy just wants to play with Cody. Complete 1 
8:00 pm Candy N/A Sequal to 2:05 am (you do not need to read that to read this). It's time to play Randy's game. Can Cody handle it? Complete 1
2:05am   Candy N/A Cody has a not so mysterious man in his room at 2:05 am Complete 1
All of Me Candy All of Me Randy brings Cody home, but is Cody ready for this side of Randy. Complete 1
Joyride   Candy N/A  The boys go for a motorcycle ride. Complete 1
Picture of You   Candy N/A Cody, home all alone and get an interesting picture Complete 1
All is Fair in Love and Rain Centon N/A Randy and John, hate being cooped up on rainy weekend. It usually starts with a war of wills…and ends with one of them covered in defeat. In-Complete 1-2-3-4

You can also find my fics at Fanfiction.net and Damaged-Love.com
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SouldmatesShippersfanficjunkie26 on April 22nd, 2011 06:17 am (UTC)
Coool! thanks for the info
Like a boss~rkosnumba1fan on October 19th, 2011 12:34 am (UTC)
I've read all the fics on here and I couldn't leave comments on all of them, but I just wanted to say I enjoyed each and everyone one of them. Especially the Candy fics. (Which is my OTP.) :)